Dubai Economy Certification

The American University in Dubai is currently the only provider of the Management Skills Placement Test and training course for Dubai Economy’s requirements for consultancy licenses. The role of AUD is limited to:

  • Providing the testing service required by Dubai Economy for initiating the licensure process
  • Delivering the qualifying courses required for completion of the licensure process by Dubai Economy, and
  • Delivering the exam/course certificate to those candidates who pass the exam/course.

Questions related to the requirements for licensure or to the status of applications for license issuance, renewal or amendment should be addressed directly to Dubai Economy.


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Test Structure *

  • Part One: Basic Management Questions (40 Points)
  • Part Two: Basic Marketing Questions (40 Points)
  • Part Three: Basic Finance Questions (20 Points)
  • Total: 100 Points
Passing Score: 60 Points out of 100
*Distribution of marks is subject to change as the exam continues to be revised.

Test Topics

  • Management and leadership
  • Organizational structures
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Strategic Management
  • Data management
  • Strategic alignment
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding
  • Service quality
  • Customer experience
  • Shareholders, Shares
  • Market value
  • Appreciation and depreciation
  • Cash flow
  • Financial ratios

Those who do not pass the exam are required then to register and take a 5-day training course also offered by AUD-CEPPS. This course is offered once a month on the AUD campus.

Course Topics

  • Day One – Sunday: Marketing 1, 7-10 PM
  • Day Two – Monday: Marketing 2, 7-10 PM
  • Day Three – Tuesday: Management 1, 7-10 PM
  • Day Four – Wednesday: Management 2, 7-10 PM
  • Day Five – Thursday: Finance, 7-10 PM


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PO Box: 28282

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