The Design Thinking Masterclass

    • Why Learn Design Thinking?

      In today’s business world, design has become a mindset; a framework for innovation, driven by the desire to deeply understand user needs, map their behavior, and crack the motivations and deep emotions driving their actions or inactions.

      Design-led companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike and Procter & Gamble have outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 10 years by an extraordinary 219%, according to a 2014 assessment by the Design Management Institute. At the core of each of these successful design stories is a state of customer intimacy, a deep understanding of users’ or customers’ unarticulated needs. Because of the remarkable success of design-led companies, design has evolved beyond aesthetics, and moved from the drafting table to the boardroom. More and more organizations nowadays want to learn how to think like designers to solve their most complex problems and drive innovation.

    • What You Will Learn
      • Understand problems from a human-centered perspective
      • Apply the design thinking methodology to solve problems more creatively
      • Plan and conduct effective design research, including user interviews
      • Guide groups to effectively brainstorm innovative ideas
      • Create prototypes to communicate and test your creative ideas
      • Experience a hands-on application of design thinking to a selected problem

      Upon successful completion of the Masterclass, you will receive your personal verifiable Certificate of Completion from the American University of Dubai’s Executive Education Program.

    • Topics
      Day 1:
      • Introduction to the Design Thinking Methodology
      • Adopting Human-Centered Design Principles and Mindsets
      • Unpacking the Design Challenge
      • Planning Design Research
      • Empathy Research I

      Day 2:
      • Empathy Research II
      • Insight Finding
      • Leading and Managing Group Design Activities
      • Effective Brainstorming and Innovative Ideation
      • Low Fidelity Prototyping

      Day 3:
      • Idea Validation
      • Iterative Prototyping
      • Communicating Ideas Creatively
      • Journey Reflections & Next Steps
    • About the Facilitators
      Facilitator 1: Prof. Fady Michel

      Fady Michel, is an Associate Professor of Practice at The American University in Cairo. He is currently the director of Scientific Thinking at AUC, with teaching focus on critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, decision science and innovation. He is the founder of ERGO Design, a strategy and innovation consulting firm, tackling business, social and behavioral challenges through human-centered design principles. Fady is the executive lead of the Design Thinking initiative at AUC, where he is responsible for designing and facilitating design thinking and innovation training and activities for faculty and business executives. He also coaches on regular basis at HPI School of Design Thinking.

      Fady is the recipient of NASA JSC Exceptional Software Award, and NASA Space Act Award for Innovative and Creative Development. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Southern California, in Space Mission Design and Spacecraft Design, respectively; and a PhD. in Astrodynamics from The University of Texas at Austin.

      Facilitator 2: Hanadi Traifeh

      Hanadi Traifeh is a coach at the HPI School of design Thinking, and a researcher at the Design Thinking Research Program of Stanford University and HPI/Potsdam. Her primary research interests include the digital transformation of education, learner-centric education design, and the effective use of Design Thinking.

      Hanadi holds an MA in Fine Arts from the University of Wales (UK), a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Communication from Damascus University (Syria), and a Certificate in Instructional Design from George Brown College (Canada).

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Masterclass Highlights

  • Practical and accelerated skill development to master the Design Thinking methodology and immediately apply it to solve complex business problems
  • Hands-on group work on real-world complex challenges to reinforce learning and develop creative confidence
  • Developed by leading experts qualified by the HPI School of Design Thinking
  • Provides many opportunities to engage in the regional and international Design Thinking Community of Practice
Course Date: 3 days on June 7 and 9
Place: AUD Campus, B Building, 205
Fee: 9261.00 AED (Including VAT)


Administration Building, 215C
American University in Dubai
PO Box: 28282

(+971)4 318 3117


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